Buying and/or selling a property is one of the most significant actions a person will ever take over their lifetime. Delving into the market alone or with inexperience can be one of the worst mistakes you will ever make.

Below are 19 GREAT REASONS why you should use a local REALTOR® when buying or selling a property in your community!


A local REALTOR® invests in and gives back to the community they live in, YOUR community!


They’re always close by.


They have your best interest in mind and will guide you from start to finish.


They live and work in YOUR community so they know the area intimately.


They’re experienced! There is a good chance they’ve dealt with a property in your neighbourhood before.


Their network is deep with other REALTORS® who in turn might have already interested clients.


They know the local market and what your home is currently worth.


Looking for a property in a specific area of town, whether it is for schooling, work, or play? They know those areas!


Peterborough is ranked as the 9th best city in Canada to buy real estate in.


Want to know what to expect in the years to come in your potential neighbourhood? They’re aware of what’s happening with local councils, cities, and municipalities.


They do all the legwork to save you time and stress.


They will help you market your home and the great community you live in, highlighting all that makes it awesome (the parks, waterways, museums, shops, restaurants, etc)


Want to list your home? They know what’s worth updating to help maximize your property’s potential if at all necessary.


They know the history of the area and homes you’re interested in.


They have access to a database of comparable properties for you to consider and know what properties have sold for in your area.


They know the best local contractors, suppliers, builders, painters, stagers, plumbers, and electricians in the area to work on your property if need be.


In some instances, they’ll add value to your home by assisting with upfront work being done on your property BEFORE it sells!


Not much of a negotiator? Don’t worry, they are!


They’ll save you from any unwanted surprises.

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