Buying and/or selling a property is one of the most significant actions a person will ever take over their lifetime. Delving into the market alone or with inexperience can be one of the worst mistakes you will ever make.

11 Reasons to Love Your Local Realtor…

Peterborough is the 2nd best place to buy real estate in Canada…according to MoneySense Magazine


A local REALTOR® lives and works in Your Community. They know the area intimately.
Our local REALTOR can tell you what are the best schools for your children, the best community services for your needs, the best restaurants for your tastes and the best neighbourhood for your family.


A local REALTOR® is continually educated in all aspects concerning rural properties.
Understanding wells, septics, farm land, wood stoves, waterfront, environmental concerns etc., is important in the sale of a rural home. The lending and insurance companies may be different for this type of property.


A local REALTOR® is up to date with local developments.
The area is changing quickly and new zoning, municipal bylaws, roads, building, environmental information etc. is crucial to making an informed decision whether you are buying or selling.


Local REALTORS® are friendly faces who you will see well beyond the completion of the purchase.
You will see them in YOUR community, at your local restaurant, your local grocery store or taking their kids to hockey.


A local REALTOR® is experienced and knows the market history in the area.
They have watched how the market has changed over the years, what areas have improved and what areas that might be in a decline, and what areas you should invest in. They know what properties have sold for in the area and can offer advice on list or purchase price.


A local REALTOR® has developed a great network of people.
From local lawyers to lenders, trades to local business owners, the network we have developed can only help. We know a lot of buyers and sellers in the area.


A local REALTOR® knows the most recent marketing trends in the area.
They know how to market your home and where to advertise to get the best exposure for a successful sale.


A local REALTOR® knows the land and lakes in our area.
Peterborough and the Kawartha area is a large area and each lake and township has its own unique qualities. A local REALTOR can save you time and money by helping you navigate the lakes.


A local REALTOR® knows the design styles and the expectations of buyers in the area. They know what is worth updating, what is up and coming, and what to do to maximize your property’s selling potential.


A local REALTOR® invests in and gives back to the community they live in. YOUR Community.
The Peterborough Association of Realtors gives approx. $20,000 to local charities every year through fundraising events put on by the Board. Many agents also donate individually.


A local REALTOR® is always nearby for advice, close by for showings, and are always willing to help.

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